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3 Bright Ideas for Event Planning on a Budget

3 Bright Ideas for Event Planning on a Budget

Every event planner works on a budget. Even the largest, most elaborate gatherings come saddled with their fair share of cost constraints. The trick is to prune the excess, keep the essentials, and experiment with creative ideas.

How do you pull it off? From high-tech event furniture rentals to volunteer workers, there are plenty of ways to get what you want. We’ve collected a few fresh ideas that will help you maximize value and minimize costs.

Go Paperless

Printing costs can eat into your budget. Instead of creating shiny brochures and thick manuals, go digital. At the very least, limit printed materials to the must-haves. With so many platforms and resources from which to choose, it’s easy to migrate your content to the cloud. Not only that, but many apps are relatively cheap. Some are even free!

Keep one thing in mind: If you do make the switch, you’ll need to ensure that your event is tech-friendly. So Cool Events can help you go paperless with high-tech furniture event rentals. Think comfortable couches that double as charging stations. Your guests will need a place to sit, anyway. Why not give them access to the latest, paperless tech while you’re at it?


Go Linenless

Linenless tables are a great way to cut expenses while upgrading the look and feel of your event, and they come in a variety of styles, from the traditional to the contemporary and anything in between.

 Browse through the event furniture rentals at So Cool Events, and you’ll find everything from modern and stylish banquet chairs, gold art modern highboy tables, mirror banquet or white high gloss tables. No matter how you imagine your event, a well-designed table can enhance the décor—no expensive linens required.

Event Planning Creative Lightning Ideas By So Cool Events

Get Creative with Lighting

Lighting is crucial, but it can send your bills soaring. In fact, event lighting rentals can be among the most expensive décor items on any budget. By the time you create the ultimate ambiance, you may not have enough left over for non-negotiable items like tables, chairs, and bars.

So, how do you create that all-important atmosphere without breaking the bank? Our innovative team at So Cool Events has done the hard-brainstorming work for you. Our lighted furniture solves two problems at once, offering both comfort and illumination in one affordable package. Glow tables, pedestals, and bars not only give you more for your money, they also create a unique atmosphere that’s sure to impress the most jaded event-goer. For added ambiance, add our battery operated up lights around the perimeter to the room providing event lighting without incurring costly venue electrical costs.


More Bright Ideas!

So Cool Events is always thinking of new ways to help event planners solve problems and create top quality events. Keep reading our blog posts to learn more about innovative event planning ideas and check out our catalog for event décor inspiration. You can also contact us for one-on-one advice at (305) 635-8088, (407) 900-2715 or (615) 323-4900.