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5 Incredible, Non-Traditional Destination Wedding Spots

5 Incredible, Non-Traditional Destination Wedding Spots

Non-Traditional Destination Wedding Spots

Traditional weddings can be beautiful, but, these days, couples want something unique. Many have turned to non-traditional destination weddings—memorable ceremonies that take place in rare, exotic, and noteworthy locations. From tropical rain forests to famous art museums, the end of the world is the limit when it comes to weddings. Here are some of the more creative options, along with tips for how So Cool Events wedding rentals can make your big day even more remarkable.

The Monastery Wedding

Ancient monasteries and cathedrals dot the European landscape, and many of them are being repurposed for more modern uses. Take this 14th-century Augustinian monastery, which makes a stunning backdrop for any wedding, but particularly for couples who have a flair for the dramatic (or the historic).

If you’re lucky enough to get inside one of these storied buildings, you’ll need to think of décor. Fortunately, you have plenty of choices. You could adorn your table rentals with flickering candles and exquisite ice sculptures, or you could opt for glow furniture, which offers a nice, modern contrast to the fairytale surroundings.

The Sustainable Farm Wedding

If you prefer a more bucolic setting, then you might want to jump on the sustainable farm bandwagon. Rustic events have made a resurgence, over the past few decades, and farm weddings have become all the rage. For a fresh-air wedding with an upscale twist, consider a vineyard instead of a farm.

As for furniture, simpler is better, but that doesn’t mean guests should be uncomfortable. You could go for the wood table and chair arrangement, or kick it up a notch if you want that upscale bohemian look (think classic leather lounge chairs or even a Chesterfield here and there).

The Yurt Wedding

If you want an outdoor wedding but yawn at the sight of a traditional tent, then consider the yurt. Once found exclusively on the steppes of Central Asia, these tents have since become a favorite among trendsetters all over the world.

Destination Wedding Spots

The modern versions of these ancient structures possess a nice mix of rustic charm and luxurious comfort. Whether you rent a yurt or find a pre-existing glamping site, you can fill it with your choice of furniture and décor from So Cool Events.

The Lighthouse Wedding

If you can find a lighthouse for rent, you are in business. Even if you cannot get to the top, you might be able to host an outdoor wedding in the shadow of a quaint lighthouse overlooking a scenic beachfront. Just be sure to include plenty of comfy chair rentals for windswept guests.

The Garden Wedding

Gardens make for beautiful weddings, and there is no shortage of gardens in the world. Booking the right one might not be easy, but it is well worth the effort. In addition to chairs for the ceremony, you’ll probably want to include a few comfortable sofas and ottomans for the reception.

Need help choosing the perfect furniture rentals to go with your destination wedding? Contact So Cool Events to speak with someone who can help you plan the picture perfect day.