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Beyond Flowers: 5 Non-Floral Event Decor Ideas

Beyond Flowers: 5 Non-Floral Event Decor Ideas


Roses, lilies, daisies, dahlias—flowers are classic wedding and event embellishments, but they’re not your only choice when it comes to décor. Whether you’re looking for something more modern, more grandiose, and stunning, it may be time to look elsewhere for inspiration. As for alternatives, you can adorn your tables with the usual suspects such as flowers and candles —or you can add memorable custom decorations. Need ideas? Try these on for size.

Ice Sculptures

Giant floral bouquets conjure up the blissful days of spring and summer, but ice sculptures co enhance any theme in any season. More stunning and memorable than flowers, ice carvings nevertheless make a more impressive (and more seasonal) statement. The best part is that you can carve nearly anything out of ice—swans, lions, fish, wine glasses, skulls, diamonds, hearts, logos—whatever fits your theme or suits your fancy.

Ice Centerpieces

More understated than full-sized sculptures, but more ambitious than floral bouquets, ice centerpieces convey style and elegance. There’s more than one way to carve a block of ice.

In place of a runner or a series of blossoms, consider ice waves that extend down the length of a banquet table.

 If you have a series of round tables, adorn the center of each with a beautifully understated ice bowl. You can also freeze an image (or a flower) inside a carved block of ice to create a layered, three-dimensional focal point. If you really want to class it up, place a burning candle inside a frozen globe to create a magical “fire and ice” arrangement.


Glowing Spheres & Column

You don’t have to stick to centerpieces and display tables. You can also line the perimeter with illuminated décor to create a more immersive event experience. Instead of adding flowers and ferns to the event space, you can place multi-colored glowing spheres along the edges of the gathering area to draw the eye and create a modern ambiance. Illuminated columns have a similar effect, albeit on a grander scale. The best part about glowing pieces is that they double as illumination and lighting décor.

Acrylic Art

Bring your centerpieces up to date with acrylic sculptures in the shape of crystal shards, graceful ribbons, diamonds, globes and even martini glasses. Featuring abstract, modernist designs and made of nearly transparent acrylic, these pieces of art reflect colored light and stand out without overpowering the rest of the scene.

Clooney Lanterns

White Clooney lanterns shed a nice, diffused glow—perfect for intimate gatherings. Featuring a style that hovers somewhere between classic and modern, these updated lanterns are versatile enough for nearly any event, although they tend to be favorites at corporate gatherings and conferences. Perhaps that’s because you can personalize the lanterns by placing initials, logos, and custom designs on the front. Rather minimalist on their own, they pair well with more elaborate décor, taking a backseat while still offering plenty of charm.

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