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Event Planners: Don’t Be Shy About the Value You Create for Your Clients

Event Planners: Don’t Be Shy About the Value You Create for Your Clients

A well-planned event can be a pivotal moment in the life of any organization. With the right corporate event rentals and the proper organizational skills, you can take any brand to the next level.

Event planners who want to grow their business and realize their full potential should know exactly what they bring to the table and exactly how to communicate that value. Here are a few ways a well-planned event can help your clients exceed their own expectations.

Events Provide Critical Networking Opportunities

Social media may have stolen the limelight in recent years, but face-to-face networking is still one of the most powerful strategies for building connections and growing brands.

Events are ideal settings for building new relationships and strengthening existing ones. People still value interpersonal relationships above remote connections. That time-tested fact can sometimes get lost in the digital age, but it’s there for those who bother to look.

When people can see you, shake your hand and look in your eyes, they’re more likely to remember you. They’re also more likely to trust you. If they trust you, they’re more likely to remain loyal and even to evangelize on your behalf.

No social media platform in the world can beat a live event when it comes to networking.

Tip: Use clever furniture arrangement to create spaces where people can interact. Large central focal bars, soft seating areas and recharge lounges all provide an opportunity for people to unwind while they make important contacts.

Events Humanize Your Brand

Marketing campaigns that focus solely on print or non-personal advertising campaigns risk becoming another high-powered, but faceless entity. Use your masterful branding to enhance personal interaction, and you become real to people. You win their sympathy and their affection.

The more approachable your brand, the more likely customer and supporters are going to engage with it.

Tip: Sofas, sectionals and lounge chairs can create a nice sense of informality—perfect for companies that want to interact with customers, donors, or supporters. Meanwhile, simple GOBO lights or large high definition LED screens will put your client’s unique stamp on the affair.

People Will Remember Events Long After They File out the Door

Events Humanize Your Brand

Advertisers are always looking for new ways to endear themselves to customers and provide unforgettable experiences. Nothing does that like a live event. Whether it’s for the broader public, company insiders, or privileged donors, the principle is the same.

People may remember a catchy slogan or a beautiful graphic, but they’re far more likely to remember a physical and personal encounter. Live events don’t just appeal to one sense; they involve every sense—touch, smell, taste, sight, hearing.

A mind blowing event can never be repeated. It’s a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will stick with guests for a long time to come.

Tip: Event furniture and furnishing set the mood. Done well, it can create an unforgettable experience.

Nothing Builds Value Like a Memorable Event

Events can help large corporations build stronger teams by providing out-of-office social interaction. They can help non-profits woo potential donors. They can help B2B suppliers impress new clients or small business reach out to potential customers in the local neighborhood.

In other words, they provide unique branding, networking, fundraising, and outreach opportunities. For every type of event, there’s a unique type of value added. It’s up to the event planner to make an organization’s goals come to life.

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