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Holiday Do's and Don'ts

Holiday Do's and Don'ts

Let's face it event can be stressful and just like many things in life, following design “Do’s” and “Don’ts” can help you make the right choices for your event.

DO: Show off some vintage decor.

Break out the vintage to add personalized touches. Vintage is always in!

DON'T: Heavily Decorate the Dining Table. 

Decorate, but leave enough space to eat!

Rustic Mod Wood TableRustic Mod Wood Table with a Lighted Floral Centerpiece & Ghost Chairs

DO: Have a Theme in Mind.

Pick a theme and only use pieces that correlate with it!

DON'T: Just Stick to Red & Green.

There's no rule that says you cant branch out of the typical scheme. Using funky colors will surely wow the crowd! 

Royal Frosted Top Pedestal TablesRoyal Frosted Top Pedestal Tables with Geo Centerpiece & Ghost Chairs, Art Modern Café Tables & Leko Projectors

DO: Keep your Decor Relevant to Where you Live.

Using location-specific details in your dream scheme will add whimsy to your space!

DON'T: Go Overboard with Inflatables or tacky decor!

Less is more.

Mirror Bar with Custom Graphics6' Mirror Bar with Custom Graphics

Have a SO COOL Holiday Season!