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How Awards Shows Are Planned

How Awards Shows Are Planned

Awards season 2018 has arrived, and event planners have been hard at work putting together shows such as the Country Music Awards, Golden Globes, Oscars, and SAG Awards. Months of planning are required to organize such an event. The Red Carpet, presentations and performances seem to go off without a hitch, but here is an inside look at how it all comes together, from planning and event rentals to show time.

 For the 2016 SAG Awards, more than 5,000 roses and 1,000 bottles of champagne, wine, and tequila were ordered, according to the Hollywood Reporter.1 A report by the LA Times2 in 2015 noted the tables stacked against walls, dangling electrical cords, and ladders and tools being used to prepare for the Golden Globes. For a typical Hollywood event, it can take six months of planning to put on one evening of star-studded entertainment.


Setting the Stage for the Big Show

Before any awards show, seating charts are organized, and meal options are chosen. The Academy Awards and Emmys take place in theaters equipped for a large production. However, the Golden Globes are held in a hotel with a meal. Planning, therefore, requires more than production equipment, sound engineers, and lighting; table settings, floral designs, and other elements are carefully considered to ensure the party is glamorous.

Planning an awards show requires coordination of all vendors including contractors, stagehands, catering and furniture rentals.  

Furniture Rentals Set the Tone

 Event furniture rentals include everything from seating during the awards showroom to chairs, benches, and ottomans in the green rooms provided for guests performances.  Table rentals cover the dinner, coffee, and end tables used throughout the facility. The selections range from chairs and barstools to café tables, buffet and banquet tables for food service, to comfortable sofa seating in the green rooms.


Furniture and bar rentals are essential not for the show and for the events leading up to and following the awards show. For example, the Academy Awards ceremony is held in the 3,400-seat Dolby Theater, and 1,300 guests are invited to the Golden Globes.3 Guests must be accommodated at the main ballroom, in winner’s rooms, at the bar, after party rooms, and in guest rooms.

Where are all these items found? Similar to corporate event rentals, furniture, tables, seating, and more can be ordered from a rental company such as So Cool Events. Bar rentals for parties can be ordered for any occasion. The rental spectrum spans from tradeshow equipment to centerpieces, ice carvings, and event lighting rentals, plus the décor that sets the mood, tone, and personality of the entire affair.

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