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How to Select the Most Stylish, Most Comfortable Event Furniture Rentals

How to Select the Most Stylish, Most Comfortable Event Furniture Rentals

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Chesterfield sofas. South beach sectionals. Lighted highboys that glow electric blue. The sky is the limit when it comes to event furniture rentals, but how do you know you’re sending the right message, setting the appropriate mood, and keeping your guests in the lap of luxury? Let So Cool Events help you achieve the perfect balance between style and comfort, between form and function. Start with the following tips:

1. Make a Killer First Impression 

From the moment guests walk into a room, the style, color, and arrangement of furniture send a clear signal. Are they greeted by hotel tables and chairs? or spacious lounge chairs, plush sofas, and island banquettes? Are guests crowded together, or did you create intimate spaces for socialization and relaxation?

By the time people ease into a sofa or sit down at a banquet table, their expectations have been established and the scene has been set. They will know whether they are in for a long, tedious stay or an incredible experience they will not soon forget.

If you want to achieve the latter, you’ll need furniture that provides both visual appeal and comfort.. From bars to settees, from coffee tables to ottomans, So Cool Events carries a wide selection of magnificent furniture to ensure the first impression is as stunning as the last impression is memorable.

2. Pay Attention to Color

You cannot have style without color, and various hues evoke different emotions. A deep shade of black imparts a sense of edgy luxury and chic intimacy; neon green energizes the room and gives an impression of fresh modernity. Monarch red creates a feeling of Victorian opulence.

 Before you settle on a color scheme, make sure you have established the theme of your event. In other words, know what effect you want to create before settling on the details, and plan in advance instead of approaching the design in piecemeal fashion, which may end in a mix-and-match disaster.


To make it easier for you, So Cool Events carries furniture in nearly every color under the sun, from intrigue black to avocado lime, to twilight blue and everything in between.

If you want to stay on top of current color trends, consider a glow table in Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018—Ultra Violet. Prefer classic leopard print sofas? Leather love seats? Our catalog has it all.

3. Arrange the Tables for Maximum Effect

What type of tables you choose and how you arrange them says a lot about the type of event you are planning. Round tables encourage intimacy. When people sit around a table, they make eye contact.

Banquet tables give rise to a more formal feel, but should also facilitate conversation among larger groups of people. For a twilight setting, there are always highboys and cocktail tables that let people socialize over drinks or simply settle in a more relaxed arrangement.

Want more energy? More excitement? Greater ambiance? Glow furniture impresses guests from the beginning. Turn down the lights and let the vibrant colors take over.

 No matter what style you choose, what color scheme you select, what ambiance you create, So Cool Events can help you keep guests comfortable with our extensive line of furniture rentals. Have questions? Want a quote? Need expert planning help? Get in touch with the staff at one of our offices in Miami, Orlando, Nashville, or Jacksonville.