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The Perfect Bar for Your Event

The Perfect Bar for Your Event

Any event, including a wedding, trade show, or gala, involves a seemingly infinite number of details, but one you can’t ignore is the bar. Bar rentals are essential when planning an event. After all, the bar is one of the most active areas of many gatherings. While you may want to ensure everyone has a drink in hand, there is more to choosing the right option for event rentals than meets the eye.

For one thing, the designs are highly variable. The type of bar can make all the difference. Depending on the décor and clientele, you may want to go with a simple wood bar. There are no limitations when it comes to glamor and elegance. For example, a mirror bar with ornaments was chosen from So Cool Events for a recent Miami Dolphins Christmas party.

The options for corporate event rentals are unlimited. As we also offer décor rentals, we can do the same for your bar, creating custom wraps to accommodate your design and branding needs. Other bar options for event rentals include:

Perfect Bar for Your Event

Event Bar Considerations

However, there are many other considerations when choosing a bar for your event. During the selection process, you want to think about:

  • Size: A bar must be large enough to accommodate all guests, handle the foot traffic, and fit the types of drinks to be served. Will only beer and wine be served, or do you need something larger to stock other types of alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks?
  • Placement: In addition to the size of the bar, think of how many people may be standing around. There should be enough room left for tables and to leave the dance floor open. For a large, heavily trafficked event, multiple bars can spread things out, so the event goes more smoothly.
  • Style: A wood panel bar is inviting and relaxing, while a white bar looks contemporary and sophisticated. For a more industrial feel, a metal and wood bar may suffice. Light-up bars are popular for events where you want to create a central focal point and fun vibe. These come in many shapes and can be customized to suit the overall color scheme.

Event furniture rentals

So Cool Events also specializes in event lighting rentals, so we are qualified to help meet your lighted bar requirements. Whether one color or multiple colors are desired, the exact solution can be arranged. Many designs and configurations are also available, so your firm’s event planners can create the ideal look for the occasion.

Event furniture rentals are also available for corporate events and designers of trade shows, sporting events, and destination weddings. The options are limited only by imagination and the venue, theme, and menu of the event. Read on to learn more.