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Plan for Success: How to Organize an Unforgettable Event, Every Time

Plan for Success: How to Organize an Unforgettable Event, Every Time

Hosting a successful event takes more than good taste; it takes careful planning. Here are some expert tips to help event planners make the most of their talents and resources.

Understand What the Client Wants

If event planning were distilled into one phrase, it would be this: Make clients happy. If you don’t know what clients want, it’s hard to come out on top. Do they want a high-energy, high-style bash? Would they prefer a buttoned-down, distraction-free conference environment? Once you know your client’s grand vision, then you can figure out how to execute it.

Design Every Detail of the Space

In the world of event planning, success resides in the details. Each chair, ottoman, end table, pillow, rug, centerpiece, and table number should be selected to suit the occasion. From the big-ticket items, like iron gazebos and boat-themed bars, to the smaller pieces, like silver ball card holders and individual ice serving plates, So Cool Events has event furniture rentals and decor rentals in styles to transform any event into an unforgettable moment in time.

Plan with an Eye for Comfort

The most stylish furniture only goes so far. The trick is to balance flair with comfort. How do you find furniture that fits your theme and which makes guests feel at home? The key is to choose an event rental company that has an extensive inventory. More choice equals less compromise. As the largest Florida-based furniture and décor company, So Cool Events carries everything you need to cover all your bases, from modernist barstools to spacious sectional sofas and comfortable general session seating.

Get Accurate Estimates

 Inaccurate estimates are a planner’s worst nightmare. Pass those unexpected costs on to your client, and you could generate a lot of ill-will. Absorb those expenses, and you could soon put yourself out of business. Ultimately, accurate estimates are the surest road to long-term success. To help you along the way, So Cool Events offers transparent pricing. Our representatives will give you the most precise quote based on your parameters, so you can take the guesswork out of event planning.

Organize an Unforgettable Event

Choose the Right Vendors

Choose reliable, reputable vendors, and you’re less likely to find yourself in a crisis situation. One stop shopping helps with load in congestion and allows for last minute additions. At So Cool Events, we can provide for all your rental and décor needs from centerpieces to charging lounges and charging lockers. We’ve established a reputation as one of the industry’s leading event rentals suppliers. We specialize in both décor and logistics, which means you never have to worry about subpar rentals or delayed deliveries.

Want to plan for long-term success? So Cool Events can make it happen. We provide high-quality rentals, impeccable service, streamlined logistics, and transparent pricing. Browse through our catalog to see our impressive selection of furniture and décor, and then contact us to get an accurate quote for event rentals.