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Why Do Event Planners Love Their Job? Here Are 7 Reasons

Why Do Event Planners Love Their Job? Here Are 7 Reasons

Event planners are a special breed. We work long hours. We deal with people from all walks of life. We book venues, secure event furniture and event lighting rentals, and help clients realize their vision. We juggle a million tasks at once. So, why do we love this job so much? Because …

No Two Days Are the Same

One minute you’re scouting a venue. The next minute you’re inspecting event rentals at one of So Cool Events’ sprawling warehouses. An hour later you’re sitting at your desk filling in a spreadsheet. One day differs from the next, and each event brings fresh challenges. Of course, event planning, like any job, has its boring moments. Still, it beats sitting in the same office doing the same thing day in and day out.

No Two Event Planners Are the Same

You don’t need to fit into a particular mold to become an incredible event planner. In this industry, many paths lead to success. Some pros start out in sales. Others move from PR positions. Then there are those who graduate with event management degrees. The job demands an array of skills—organization, communication, creativity, negotiating, industry knowledge, networking, etc.—and appeals to a diverse set of people.

You Get to Flex Your Creative Muscles


Event planning requires a unique brand of creativity. It’s not the same kind of creativity you’ll find in an arthouse or even in a marketing agency, but the job does demand an inventiveness all its own. You start with a vision. Then you conceive a plan of action. The magic happens when everything begins to coalesce. It’s a bit like composing—or, at least, conducting a symphony. You envision the final result, bring all the pieces together, and then direct the players from start to finish.

It’s Fun to Travel

Even when it’s not fun, travel keeps things interesting. Going to a new place broadens the mind and sharpens the senses. Sometimes it’s great just to get out of the office. Every time you hop on the plane and head to parts unknown, you’re in for a new experience. Every now and then, you even have time to explore your destination!

You Get a Front Row Seat to the Future

Whether you’re planning a product launch for a state-of-the-art gadget or simply using

cutting-edge technology to spice up a design show, you have plenty of opportunities to check out the latest gizmos, from drones to virtual reality. The reliance on technology will only increase as event planners look for novel ways to provide great user experiences.

We Love People 

If you don’t like people, you probably won’t get far in this industry. Events are all about face-to-face meetings. In spite of the growing possibilities for remote interaction—face chat, teleconferencing, webinars, live streaming—people still like to meet in person whenever they can, and event planners are in the thick of it, collaborating with their teams, meeting with clients, and negotiating with vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors. Think of it this way: It’s your job to bring people together. For an extrovert, that can be a dream come true.

The Wow! Moment

You know the moment. When everything comes together, and the magic unfolds before your eyes. When all the hard work pays off. When you finally get to see months of labor in action. Whether you’re watching a couple walking down the aisle, listening to a keynote speaker launch into a groundbreaking talk, or standing by as hundreds of models walk down the runway in the latest fashions, you finally get the satisfaction of seeing your vision become reality.

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