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Centerpiece Rentals in Miami


Ice, Floral & Custom Acrylic Design Centerpiece Rental Miami

No matter what manner of event you or your company have planned, the importance of properly decorating your tables cannot be understated. So Cool Events offers a wide variety of fabulous centerpieces, wedding event rentals, and more to create a look that completes your creative vision.

Gorgeous Floral Decorations and Incredible Ice Carvings

Nearly every event can be brightened up with fresh flowers. Fill the center of your table with the flowers of your choice, presented in a lovely rental vase to suit your desired design ethic. Or, combine different kinds of centerpieces and rental place card holders for a polished look at every table.

You can also captivate guests' attention with expertly-carved real ice sculpture centerpieces. Our functional and visually striking ice bubble bowl centerpiece serves as an attractive focal point and a perfect place to chill beverages on the tabletop. Custom logos and/or names can be etched or carved into a number of ice centerpiece designs, giving clients maximum flexibility.

For truly luxurious events, our show-stopping Fire and Ice cascade sculpture combine the crystal clear look of real ice with the warm glow of candles, creating a truly mesmerizing result.

Acrylic Centerpieces and Custom Decorations

For a unique artistic touch, add one of So Cool Events' beautiful acrylic centerpieces, available in a variety of styles. A simple acrylic two-step riser serves as a perfect place to display items on each table, while a whimsical choice like our large acrylic martini glass centerpiece adds an air of fun and excitement.

Business and industry events like trade shows and conferences can benefit from customized centerpieces featuring company logos and other custom images. A logo vase filled with coordinating flowers brings a bright, fresh touch to tables, while a branded lantern can provide a soft glow for an evening of fine dining with coworkers and business partners.

Make Tables Shine with Centerpieces from So Cool Events

Whether you are seeking elegant, lavish floral centerpieces for a luxurious wedding reception or chic, customized ice sculptures for a social event, So Cool Events can help you find the perfect way to accent your tables. Our professional staff members have worked diligently with dozens of clients—including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City—to find the best rental décor to suit their particular event's style.

For more information about event centerpiece rentals from So Cool Events, contact our friendly staff today at (305) 635-8088 or (407) 900-2715.

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